March 03, 2009

A snow day treat

Mmmmm! This is good!

My wife gets to put up cool recipes on her blog and make everyone's mouths water. So I thought it was time for me to do something similar—except that my recipe is going to be presented "man-style."

We got almost a foot of soft, powdery snow yesterday. So it was a perfect day for one of my son's favorite treats: Snow Cream.

Here's the recipe. Be sure to follow the directions exactly as it most likely will not taste right if you don't use just the right ingredients:

Snow Cream

1)   Grab a big mixing bowl and carry it outside
2)   Clear off the top of some fresh snow.
3)   Scoop up the snow beneath with the big mixing bowl. Don’t dig so deeply that you scoop up grass, dirt, or mud.
4)   Shake the excess snow off of your shoes before re-entering the house (unless you want Mom to unleash the wrath of Kahn on you). Then go to the kitchen.
5)   Add some vanilla extract to the snow bowl.
6)   Dump a bunch of sugar or other unnatural sweetener into the bowl of snow. (More or less to taste.)
7)   Pour some milk or cream into the bowl—just enough to allow the ingredients to mix together, not so much that it makes it liquidy.
8)   Stir the snow, vanilla, sugar, and milk with a large wooden spoon, or a large metal spoon, or another large instrument of stirring. Mix well.
9)   Scoop resulting snow cream into bowls. Sit at the table. Eat.
10)   In between bites, proclaim loudly, "Mmmmm!" From time to time intersperse a loud, "This is good!"


  1. wow , that certainly is somethin' different!

  2. My girlfriend in high school introduced me to snow cream. It must be made from fresh, virgin snow or else you'll end up with a lot of dirt and gravel in it. But when we get as much snow as we have now - it's perfect.

    BTW - that girlfriend lived in Manassas. Not too far from Loudoun County.


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