March 23, 2009

Before the River Came

I love 4 Him. Their hymns album is one of my all-time favorite albums. But this song is probably my favorite song that they sing. The message is something that I need to listen to regularly.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Rich -- I needed to hear it, too. God is doing some really neat things right now, and I am counting on His promise to continue the work He began in me.

  2. Crazy times are the times when heroes are made and noticed. I think we may be recognizing some heroes soon. God, as always, is preparing us for what lies ahead. And he promises that for those of us who love Jesus and are called according to his purpose, all of this will work together for good.

    The River might be uncomfortable when we are being washed, but we come out clean and spotless. What a wonderful promise.


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