February 22, 2009

Blog Header - February 22, 2009

I don’t remember where or when I took this photo, but it is most likely one of my early photographic experiments. I was fascinated by backlighting, reeds, sea oats, and streams when I first started exploring photography. I had to scan this one in since it was taken well before digital photography hit the scene.

I recall one photography expedition that quite likely produced this picture. I had just recently returned home from college and took a walk (with my camera) in the woods near my parents' house. There was a small stagnant stream there that presented a unique challenge. The stream was stagnant, strewn with litter, and surrounded by muck. It has long since been obliterated by residential housing. I was determined to transform the look of that stream by using unique viewing angles and extreme lighting.


  1. Rich, This one is perfect for your blog header. It so suits the title. Even your description of the stream environment yet look at the beauty...just fits so perfectly.

  2. Reminds me of how God sees us through the lens of Christ's substition for us -- He sees the beauty, the potential; and is able to forgive the garbage. He then uses us to bring glory to Him even in our sinful condition. What a Great God we have in Heaven!


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