February 08, 2009

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Yesterday our family went to Northern Virginia. I had an early morning photography shoot that was scheduled to wrap up before noon. So I took the family with me and after the gig was done, we visited President George Washington's home, Mount Vernon. Having grown up in this area, my wife and I have visited Mount Vernon many times, but we thought this would be a good chance for our son to get a dose of history.

Mount Vernon is a beautiful place. The view of the Potomac River is one of the best I have ever seen. And the house, while not having the architectural style of Thomas Jefferson's homes at Monticello or Poplar Forest is still quite beautiful. And the tour was fantastic with very knowledgeable and friendly guides.

One thing that really jumped out at us was the fact that George Washington is the only president in our nation's history to be unanimously elected by the electoral college. For all the bluster from recent presidents about "mandates" and "the people overwhelmingly rejected those old ideas about the economy when they went to the polls in November," Obama and Clinton need to check out our nation’s history if they'd like to see a true "mandate."

George Washington was an amazing man. And perhaps most amazing was the fact that when his tours of duty were over, he retired to private life as a farmer. When he was no longer needed to command troops, he resigned his commission. After two terms as president, even though the two-term limit had not yet been enacted, he resigned the presidency. He had a great love for his country and for God.

It was a fun day. The food at the Mount Vernon Inn was wonderful. And the DC traffic, although quite bad as usual, at least did not come to a complete stop at any point on the way home. Anytime the highways around DC actually show movement in the traffic it is a good day.


  1. Where is Mount Vernon in relation to DC? I've never visited there. I love Arllington National Cemetery, and, of course, Robert E Lee's place. I cannot wait to take my kids up there for a weeks vacation.

  2. Mount Vernon is just outside the beltway, so probably around 9 miles from the Capitol Building. Another place you need to visit when you're in Virginia is the birthplace of Robert E. Lee. It's called Stratford Hall and is in Virginia's Northern Neck (the little bit of extra land that runs along the coast of Virginia and protects it from the hurricanes and such).

    Stratford Hall is wonderful. Large, palatial, quiet, beautiful. And then, as you're leaving you need to stop at Westmoreland Berry Farm to pick your own blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. They also have apples and peaches and lot of other fruits and berries. The also have some delightful pet goats that are loads of fun to watch. It's a great time.


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