January 20, 2009

Proud to be an American

The 44th president of the United States, hand upon the Bible,
President Barack Obama takes the oath of office

Tears flowing. Joy exuding! I love this nation!

I will miss George Bush, who I think history will show was one of our great presidents.

I will pray for God to lead and guide Barack Obama and that his presidency will see continued peace in our homeland, charity toward other nations, and prosperity in our dealings.

And I will pray that our nation will recognize that no nation succeeds without God's hand of blessing on it.

God bless America, land that I love!

President Obama's acceptance speech

And another interesting comparison.

The next two photos are screen captures of the web site WhiteHouse.gov. The first was captured at 11:58am, just prior to Obama's oath of office. The second was captured at 12:01pm, the moment when Obama's oath of office was completed. Click each file to see a higher resolution version.

WhiteHouse.gov, December 20, 11:58am
WhiteHouse.gov, December 20, 12:01pm


  1. The inauguration ceremony never fails to move me, whether or not I voted for the new president. The ceremony itself is bigger than any man, larger than any political party; it represents the fabric that makes up our great nation.

  2. It is truly moving. And it always makes me proud of my country. Even with little foibles here and there (such as the benedictory prayer that included, "that the black man can get ahead, man; that the yellow would be mellow; and that the white will do what's right"), the overall event is inspiring.

  3. It was indeed an enjoyable ceremony. For a few moments we can forget our differences and relish in being part of a nation that can do such a feat as a peaceable transfer of power.


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