January 26, 2009

A blog to watch

I found a new blog (new this year) that looks like it will be a good one to watch. So far the posts have been positive, humble, and appear to have the desire of bringing glory to God.

This is the permanent footer on the Charis Jesus blog:

Grace is God’s lavish and undeserved free gift of eternal life, and His ongoing generosity, affection, goodness, initiative, strength, & faithfulness to you because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.


  1. How about a link to the blog?


  2. I thought you ought to go look for it yourself.

    Oops - sorry.


  3. By the way. I recognize what's happening to the author of this blog. He is reading Desiring God: Meditations of a Christian Hedonist by John Piper. The book had a tremendous impact on my way of thinking when I taught a Sunday school class that was using that book as the quarters springboard.

  4. Hey, thanks for this - it looks GREAT!

    You know why? Because so far it is totally pointing up to Jesus. For example, on my blog, I do a lot of horizontal looking around and commenting and criticizing, which is OK, I guess, but it is so refreshing to have a blog which is merely dedicated to talking about the grace of the Lord.

    It looks as though the man who owns the blog lives near me, too. And I know someone by that name IRL . . . hmmm, wonder if it is the same person?

  5. That's so cool, Lynn. I hope he's the guy you know.

    I agree. What I found attractive about that blog was the total focus on Jesus Christ. If you have not yet read Piper's Desiring God, I highly recommend it. I know people either like Piper or stand strongly against him, but that book is a paradigm shifter and I believe will adjust your world view to something much more biblical.

  6. Not saying that you have an unbiblical world view. Just that I found his arguments in that book to be very compelling and faithful to scripture (both in the letter and the spirit of scripture) and it strongly shifted my world view.

  7. No, I am one of those people who LIKE Piper (vbg). How he and the leaders of his church have structured the leadership of their church to a more elder led than top down excecutive style leadership has been instrumental in the church I attend following suit.

    Having a plurality of elders, instead of a "head pastor" as some call him, strikes me as more biblical, and leaning toward more accountability, less of a chance for burnout, and many other positive things.


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