December 26, 2008

Twas the day after Christmas - Southern style

Okay, this is probably not the way most folks spent the day after Christmas. But my son has wanted to do some target shooting with the AR-15 ever since we purchased it. So today we went to a friend's house and targeted some boards and some trees.

Look out!


  1. How did the boards and trees come out of that?

  2. The boards and the trees were a bit pock-marked, but not nearly as many "pocks" as spent shell casings.

  3. backwoods NYers also do this sort of thing -- we did it a few years ago with the in-laws. We have some Christmas bulbs we don't want anymore and the boys are going get to target practice with the pellet or bbgun. Aren't ya glad we don't live in CA??

  4. Aren't ya glad we don't live in CA??

    Yes - and for so very many reasons.

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful, Mary.

  5. Wonderful is a great word for our Christmas. We really enjoyed relaxing together and doing our favorite thing -- laughing. Look at Brooke's facebook photos of what she got daddy for Christmas.

    And Lanelle got her bass!! She's really excited, and working hard.

    Hope you enjoyed yours as well. Can't wait to hear the reports.


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