December 25, 2008

The reason Jesus came to earth

This is a different sort of video than you might expect on Christmas Day. This video is from a Christian evangelistic television show that is broadcast in countries with a large number of Muslims. The intent of the show is to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to these people who are living in the dark.

In this video clip a Muslim woman calls in from the UK to say that she has been convinced of the truth of the gospel but is afraid to convert to Christianity because under sharia law her husband could divorce her and take her children away because of her conversion.

This is the reason that Jesus Christ came on the day that we celebrate today. Jesus came to walk among us, to tell us the good news that we may be assured that we will spend eternity in heaven—not by persecuting those who oppose us and not by doing acts of humiliation or by punishing our own bodies or by any other personal works, but by proclaiming the truth that Jesus is the Christ, the eternal Son of God, that he died to pay the penalty for our sins, and by repenting of those sins and throwing ourselves on his mercy.

Thank you, God, for sending Jesus to save his people from their sins.

Merry Christmas. Peace on earth to men of good will.

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  1. That is an amazing video. I first saw it on Jihad Watch a while back and did a post of my own on it (can't remember whether at W4 or at my personal blog). It nearly had me in tears. These men are so incredibly brave. Just think what would happen to them if they were found by their Muslim enemies.


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