December 24, 2008

Last minute gift idea - defecating dolls

I admit that I am not much of a doll man. But I just don't get what has been called "this season's hot ticket gift item," dolls that simulate bowel movements. I know, it's gross. I thought so too. But this one just had to go on my blog.

My home town paper, The Washington Post, reported this past Monday on the doll Baby Alive Learns to Potty. According to the report, this doll comes with imitation food that the child is supposed to feed to the doll. Then, as long as the doll doesn't have a boo-boo before making it to the toilet, when the child places this doll on her little plastic pink toilet and presses her bracelet the doll says, "Sniff sniff, I made a stinky," and leaves an ejected ex-food product in the toilet.

I said "if the doll doesn't have a boo-boo" because apparently that may happen since a warning comes with the doll that the imitation excrement may stain certain surfaces.

G.I. Joe seems so mundane by comparison.

Another of this Christmas season's dolls has a magical toilet. When the "Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Gotta Go Doll" is placed on her toilet, "a magnet triggers a presto, change-o in the plastic bowl: 'The "water" in the toilet disappears, with the expected "potty waste" appearing in its place."

This is just sick. Or at least, it would make me sick. I'm glad I have a son and only have to teach him how to clean guns and skin a badger. Boys are so much less messy.


  1. Don't blame girls. :-) It's the stupid adults who are making this stuff up. Little girls have been very happy with clean baby dolls for hundreds of years up until now.

  2. You know - this one was so bizarre that I knew it wasn't the fault of the little girls. Something this disgusting can only be invented by adults. Even my 13-year-old son thought these were gross.

    Merry Christmas, Lydia. I hope you and your family have a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth.

  3. Merry Christmas, Rich, to you and yours!

  4. I thought they already made dolls which do these kinds of things -- wet, poop, whatever you put in one end comes out the other . . . I'm thinking baby dolls, where you get real little diapers to change them. What you describe sounds bigger and better (or worse, actually).

    Hope you had a blessed Christmas!

  5. Lynn - I guess I just wasn't aware of the gross doll market. Yuk!

    We had a wonderful Christmas. I hope yours was the same.


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