December 02, 2008

I wish I had...

I wish I had a better voice with which to sing His praise.
   I wish I had more perfect words with which to preach His ways.
I wish I had more talents with which to serve my King.
   If I had more to offer, why, I'd do anything!!

But wait, He has not asked me in all things to excel,
   Yet in each task He gives me, He asks that I do well.
So whatever task I'm given, I'll do it heartily;
   For this I know, He only asks my very best from me.

He's asked for me to be content, not want what I don't own.
   He never will forsake me, He'll not leave me alone.
With Him right there beside me, how could I ask for more?
   He's all that matters—I will say, "I wish I had" no more!

Mary Fuller

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