December 11, 2008

Christmas present recommendations

My family is a family of all out, unrepentant book freaks. My wife and I are voracious readers and although my son doesn't particularly like to read himself, he loves for us to read to him and he loves getting new books—which, of course, we will read to him.

And it extends: My sister and my mother used to have summertime contests to see who would read the most books during our summer breaks from school. My father's pastoral library covered three walls of his church office and another couple of walls at home were packed floor to ceiling with books on theology, philosophy, art, history, music, and more.

So I'm always looking for good books to give as gifts. And the folks at Sharper Iron have presented a perfect list for those friends of yours who are book freaks (especially if they are astute theologians).

Check out the recommended books here.

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