November 10, 2008

What I'm Reading - November 10, 2008


Today's Bible Reading Luke 22, John 13

I'm also reading:
Solomon Among the Postmoderns   Peter J. Leithart
Blood of the Fold   Terry Goodkind

I've mentioned Terry Goodkind before [Wizard's First Rule and Conservatism from an unexpected source] and thoroughly enjoy his writing. But Blood of the Fold has been a particularly interesting read so far.

Just after I graduated from high school, a friend recommended that I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayne Rand. Atlas Shrugged is a fantastic novel that lays out essential fiscal Conservatism. If you don't understand the Conservative mindset, Atlas Shrugged would be a good place to start to research why Conservatives (fiscal Conservatives) think the way we do.

Blood of the Fold strikes me as being very similar to Atlas Shrugged in it's explanation of the dynamics of fiscal Liberalism. I am about half way through the book and have found three very clear presentations of fiscal Conservatism as an argument against proposed fiscal Liberalism. The dynamic affect of each of these differing points of view is discussed clearly and fiscal Conservatism, so far, has won the debate.

A very interesting book indeed.

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