November 04, 2008

Le Monument aux Morts - National D-Day Memorial

Le Monument aux Morts, created by sculptor Edmond de Laheudrie (1861–1946), was dedicated on May 16, 1921 in memory of the forty-four men of Trévieres, France, who died in World War I.

During the Normandy invansion, shrapnel or a round struck the head of the figure and removed her face below the upper lip and most of her throat.

The statue at the National D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Virginia, is a recausting of Laheudrie's sculpture. This recasting preserves the World War II damage that still disfigures the World War I original still standing in France.

According to the National D-Day Memorial Foundation, this statue's prominent placement in Edward R. Stettinius Jr. Parade, the component of the National D-Day Memorial that symbolizes the journey from the hedgerows of Normandy to the new frontlines of the Cold War, "delivers a sober lesson on the transcience of victory and the fragility of peace."

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