November 01, 2008

Blog Header - November 2, 2008

Today's blog header was taken during our family's summer vacation in 2007. We stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort and this photo was taken from in front of our room. This is the largest of Disney's seven resorts and is absolutely wonderful. There are many cabins situated around a very large lake (the lake shown in the blog header). There are seven swimming pools plus a large pool at the town center.

We were treated like royalty there and although the resort is the largest Disney resort, it never felt crowded. In fact, it seemed very quiet and peaceful all the time.

If you ever get a chance to take an extended vacation at Disneyworld, consider staying at one of their resorts. The prices are great and the location can't be beat, since you're already right there at Disneyworld. We didn't go back to our car a single time after we arrived until the final day when we packed up to leave. It's a wonderful family time.

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