November 19, 2008

Blog Header - November 19, 2008

This is one of our apple trees ... and, oh yeah, a few of our regular deer visitors checking to see if there are any apples on the ground below. The deer have gotten quite used to us and even wander in the yard directly in front of our door as we walk out of the house. A couple days ago a deer was checking out the trash can our son had taken to the road for pickup. As our son left the house to walk to the bus stop, quietly leaned back in the door and said, "Come here."

We went to see what was up and there was the deer, standing about 20 feet from our front door and staring at us. When we didn't move he got bored and slowly walked around the car in our driveway and wandered along the side of our house toward the back yard.

I guess we're just too boring to be scary.

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