October 02, 2008

Blog Header - October 3, 2008

This blog header photo is actually a composite of two different photos that seemed to go well together.

The photo of the girl was taken in the downtown area of Lynchburg on John Lynch Day. This was the anniversary of the day that John Lynch completed his unique rope guided barge voyage across the rapids of the James River, allowing people access to the area of the mountain that is now known as Lynchburg. This young lady (and her family) dressed in period garb for the celebration. I took quite a few pictures of this family. They all looked great. And they said that the mom of the family had made all of the outfits from scratch. Pretty talented.

The other photo that contributed to this composite was a photo of the house in the background. The house is a fabulous old mansion known as Point of Honor. It sits atop one of the hills on the edge of the city of Lynchburg. During the War Between the States, it was the home of a local doctor who treated the wounded soldiers wearing both gray and blue. When questioned about his treatment of Yankee soldiers, this doctor said that he considered it a "point of honor to treat anyone in need." Thus the name of this house.

I took the Point of Honor photo about two weeks after the photo of the girl in period garb. When I realized how good they would look together, I layered the two and added a shadow cast from the girl onto the walkway and the grass. I kind of like the result. The sepia toning was the final touch and provided the final needed ingredient in this photo's recipe.

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