September 20, 2008

Why we don't pay attention to the British news media

I tend to follow the major media news outlets with less than blind loyalty, but this quote from an LBC British television news anchor is just one of the reasons:

"He [Francis Bacon] was probably our greatest living painter—until he died."

That's almost as bad as the standard Greta Van Susteren-type questioning that results in questions such as: "So the storm has wiped out everyone in your family—that's four generations of family members all dying in one day—how does that make you feel?"

It makes me glad that I have solid news sources outside the major media—news sources such as Saturday Night Live and the blogosphere.


  1. Richard,

    I've made it a habit to listen to the Guardian, the BBC and the Economist. The daily briefings from the White House to the press are pretty enlightening, too. Save for my newer habit of listening to the Wall Street Journal media, I don't pay much attention to anyone else anymore.

    I never heard of this other news source. But at least the British can speak the language well, something I find more troubling via the American news outlets. Oh, and I like Anderson Cooper, too. We don't have cable or anything, so I'm internet dependent on these things. I don't take much other American news seriously anymore.

    But then I appear to be a bit more jaded and cynical about some of these thing than I would say that you are.... Oh well. I wish it were not the case.

  2. Cindy - I don't know what I'd do without cable news. I watch Fox & Friends (Fox News' morning show) for the lighter side of the news. They deal with more serious stories but typically not with investigative reporting, more headline type of stuff so you can get a quick take on the world news before heading off to work.

    But my main source of news is the evening program with Shepard Smith (or however you spell it). I have found his reporting to be very factual without biased commentary. At times he provides commentary through his facial expressions when he's reporting what he thinks is an obvious lie. He doesn't say it's a lie, but he tilts his head in a way that lets you know that he recognizes what appears to be a lie. I actually enjoy that little bit of commentary.

    I reject all media sources outside the United States. I don't believe anything I hear or read from even the newswires. The degree of bias against America and Conservative thought is just appalling to me and I don't have the time to waste on those who have that obvious an agenda.


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