September 06, 2008

Up and comer - Aaron Schock

I was introduced to this guy (virtually) by my friend Karen Campbell. He looks very interesting—in the same vein as Governor Sarah Palin is interesting. I am beginning to think that the Republican Party is making a resurgence. This is exciting.


  1. yep, people had better keep their eyes on Aaron Shock. He is an amazing young man.

    He began his political career by running for school board and winning as a write-in candidate, an amazing feat in itself. He then ran for state rep against a well funded NEA darling and beat her by 250 or so votes. He is now running for Congress and I think he will win. Believe it or not, he was able to get 39% of the African-American vote in his last election, up from 4% in the previous election. Everybody loves him. He may have to waita while to run for president. he is only 27. How old do you have to be?

    Aaron is a Christian and goes to my church. My son was in the same service when Aaron was baptized and gave his testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.

  2. Thanks, Karen, for adding this additional biographical information. I'm going to be keeping my eye on him. He is already building a great story.

    I don't remember where this trivial information came from, but I seem to recall that the minimum age for the presidency is 35. That could very well be apocryphal information. My brain is like a sieve and what's in there is often little tidbits of stupidity that get stuck and simply forget to fall out along with the important stuff that I wish I could retain.


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