September 09, 2008

Slime from the video

Frank Zappa wrote a song in the 70s from the point of view of a television set talking about the garbage that it spews to its viewers. This was before the days of blogging and other internet rumor-mills. Some of the lyrics are:

I may be vile and pernicious, but you can't look away
I make you think I'm delicious with the stuff that I say
I'm the best you can get, have you guessed me yet?
I'm the slime oozing out of your TV set

Well, nowadays we get to deal with slime from much more than just the television. And the slime that has been thrown at Sarah Palin has been amazing and vicious. But here are two investigative news outlet's web pages that deal directly with many of these rumors:

Even though they discuss some of the same rumors, I encourage you to read them both. They'll help you to put the whole liberal attack mill into perspective. And we should also remember that no matter which candidate we support and no matter which side of the congressional aisle we tend to agree most with, we should not pass along rumors of dubious nature about any candidate (or anyone else, for that matter).

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