September 17, 2008

More political humor

Todd & Sarah Palin

I recently came across this fun list: Top 10 Reasons Why Liberals Hate Sarah Palin. I have to warn you that a few of the reasons are a bit crude and some of the comments are somewhat rough, but the list is funny and many of the comments are even funnier.

Check it out.


  1. "And the number one reason liberals hate Palin...

    It just seems unfair that someone can have the charisma of Obama with actual accomplishments to back it up."

    Yes it was crude. Funny, though, but crude, so be forwarned, but it was worth it to see this last reason.

  2. Yeah - I wish the author had not been quite so crude with some of the reasons, but the others were quite good. And some of the reasons listed by commenters were really great.


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