September 21, 2008

How out of touch can you be?


A few weeks ago the Obama/Biden campaign's investigative team discovered that John McCain is not able to send email. We dutifully revealed this to the American public who simply cannot go through four more years of email incompetency.

But further investigation has revealed an even more troubling aspect of the McCain/Palin ticket. Governor Sarah Palin has made statements in her private emails (no longer so private, eh? hehe) that she favors vanilla and chocolate ice cream. In spite of the fact that Rocky Road is the clear favorite of the American people, Ms. Palin refuses to do the right thing by the American public and holds to God, guns, and neopolitan.

We simply cannot allow the United States to be overrun by vanilla-eating, gun toting, radical religionist. Not to mention the fact that this stuff tastes awful.

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Barack Bamama & Joe O'Biden


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