September 11, 2008

Blog Header - September 12, 2008

Today's blog header photo is an example of my favorite lighting. This photo of one of the students from Liberty University who attended our church for a while was taken at one of our church picnics. The lighting is always great at these evening picnics and I've been able to capture some gorgeous images during these picnics.

I also love black & white photography and about a decade ago I had developed a detailed understanding of the unique characteristics of the different available black & white films. I had a favorite black & white film for portraits, another favorite for black & white landscapes, another for still photography, a different one for portraits taken with studio lighting—pretty much a different favorite film for essentially every different type of photography I enjoyed.

But thankfully the days of negative (film) photography are now gone. My camera has multiple black & white settings as well as settings for sepia toned and even blue, green, and purple toned photography. But I tend to take most of my pictures in full color mode and then play with them in Photoshop. In that way, I can try a high contrast type of black & white, and if I don't like it I can adjust it and try a soft glow type of black & white. If that doesn't suit the photo I can try a grainy type of look. And at the end of it all, if I prefer, I can still go back to full color and even try a cross-processed look, should the creative desire arise.

I really love digital photography. Oh ... and pretty models never hurt either.

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