August 02, 2008

Wise advice from Jethro Tull

After reading the hate, venom, vitriol, anger, and spitefulness on some of the blogs out there, I heard this song on my MP3 player and thought that this would be good advice for some of those who have allowed other people to get under their skin. (I'm guilty too, so this is aimed at everyone.)


Jump up; look around; find yourself some fun
no sense in sitting there hating everyone


  1. Uh, there is a certain blog out there I've seen you on, and to be honest, I cannot even comment over there on account of hearing almost everyone this one person disagrees with called a "nut," a "fool," a "monster," a "jerk," and perhaps I've left some other choice words out.

    It's one thing to identify a lie, provide evidence of such, and call someone a liar, or to show hypocrisy, and call a person a hypocrite (with evidence, please). It is quite another to just be allowed to go on an on like that against people with whom you simply disagree on matters -- such as when life begins, and call them extreme names.

    I also want to whine a bit -- every time I've talked like this, I've gotten what for for it, and rightly so. Every time a patriarchal type talks like this, we give them what for.

    Why people with more liberal mindsets are allowed to continue on and on in this kind of fashion is beyond me.

  2. I agree. And you were right in discerning the conversations I was speaking about in this post.

    I actually stepped out of the conversations over there until the sanctity of life issue came up. That's one I just can't leave alone. The most innocent among us have only us to defend them against those who would justify the taking of their lives.

    I had a recent conversation with one of the other blog readers there (this time through Facebook) and she told me that because of the incessant attacks of people's beliefs and cursing on that blog she is no longer going there.

    I think the authors (who I think are a fine group of thinking women) are about to lose control of their blog. It is being taken over by liberal radicals and is simply an unpleasant place for the rest of us.

  3. Oh yeah - I, too, was asked to tread gently around a few of the people over there and to make sure I didn't say things too strongly for fear of straining their delicate psyches.

    In one instance a third party was even brought in to ask me to be careful not to tweak the person you're speaking of. I was told that they wanted to make sure that she felt comfortable there. I think they actually said "felt welcomed" there, but that kinda sounds like "comfortable" to me.


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