August 08, 2008

What I'm reading today


Today's Bible Reading Jeremiah 4-6

I'm also reading:
Family Driven Faith   Voddie Baucham
Solomon Among the Postmoderns   Peter J. Leithart
The Religious Affections   Jonathan Edwards

One of my favorite blogs [Challies] is conducting a blog-based online reading group. The current book is Jonathan Edwards' Religious Affections. Join the club here.

One quote from the introduction to this book gave me an indication that I will quite probably enjoy (and be convicted by) this book:

Many will probably be hurt in their spirits, to find so much that appertains to religious affection, here condemned: and perhaps indignation and contempt will be excited in others by finding so much here justified and approved. And it may be, some will be ready to charge me with inconsistency with myself, in so much approving some things, and so much condemning others; as I have found this has always been objected to by some, ever since the beginning of our late controversies about religion.

And another quote that very precisely addresses some of the vitriolic blog wars that seem to promote Christian angst:

By this means the devil scatters the flock of Christ, and sets them one against another, and that with great heat of spirit, under a nation of zeal for God; and religion, by degrees degenerates into vain jangling; and during the strife, Satan leads both parties far out of the right way, driving each to great extremes, one on the right hand, and the other on the left, according as he finds they are most inclined, or most easily moved and swayed, till the right path in the middle is almost wholly neglected. And in the midst of this confusion, the devil has great opportunity to advance his own interest, and make it strong in ways innumerable, and get the government of all into his own hands and work his own will. And by what is seen of the terrible consequences of this counterfeit religion, when not distinguished from true religion, God’s people in general have their minds unhinged and unsettled in things of religion, and know not where to set their foot, or what to think or do; and many are brought into doubts, whether there be anything in religion; and heresy, and infidelity, and atheism greatly prevail.

HT:  Challies.

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