August 02, 2008

Blog Header - August 2, 2008

Today's blog header is a photo of my son, the photographer. Kids tend to show great potential in many areas and David is no different in that respect. But one of the talents wherein he really shines is photography.

I guess that's not particularly surprising since both his mother and his father are or have been professional photographers. In fact, my wife was National Photographer of the Year for Preschool Portraiture in 2006. Most of the walls in our house are covered by photos I have taken and one full wall is covered by my wife's photography awards. I guess we're just picture people.

But David is a natural talent when it comes to photography. He has a great sense of overall composition, a good understanding of light—even chairoscura—and he knows when to follow the basic rules of photography and when to discard those rules in order to get the outstanding shot.

I'd like to say he's a chip off the old block, but I think that if he puts his mind to it, his photography will far surpass mine as soon as he has the opportunity to stretch his wings a bit.

Oh yeah, in this photo David is taking pictures at the Lynchburg Hillcats' baseball stadium. We love the Hillcats and David has gotten some great photos there. We sit right next to the Lynchburg dugout, so David gets to meet and greet the players. We've had to direct him from time to time not to lean into the dugout to snap a shot of the players sitting in there. I imagine a flash going off in your eyes just before you take the bat would not be a particularly helpful thing.

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