August 28, 2008

Barboursville Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc
A Virginia classic. With layers upon layers of ripe berries, plum, currant, cherry and cedar elegantly woven together by twelve months of barrel aging. Cabernet Franc's great character combines intense flavors with remarkable softness.

Some folks prefer French or Italian wines. Some prefer California wines. Some prefer red; some white; some dry; some sweet. But certain wines stand so far above the crowd that everyone appreciates them. Such is the case with Barboursville's Cabernet Franc.

The Cabernet Franc grape grows very well in Virginia. In other states, the Cabernet Franc grape is typically mixed with other varietals. In Virginia, Cabernet Franc stands so well on its own that it seems a shame to mix it. At least it seems that way to me after tasting Barboursville Cabernet Franc.

From Gianni Zonin, owner of Barboursville Vineyards
Our story of wine making at Barboursville begins with the timeless beauty of an historic Virginia estate my wife and I discovered in the 1970s. Today, with 120 acres of the 900 acres planted in vine and Virginia's most honored winery a comfortable walk from our door, everything we do is still a new chapter in capturing that beauty. The boxwood gardens and ruins of the neo-Palladian manor house, designed by Thomas Jefferson for Governor Barbour in 1814, are preserved as the family left them.

Our woods, meadows and streams are tended to seem untouched, while our vines are trained for the perfection of their fruit. The elegant simplicity of Palladio Restaurant brings a classic Northern Italian illumination to the freshness of local produce. And, as they achieve the most gratifying honors from vintage to vintage,k we are glad that our wines let us share the place where they come from.

Welcome to Barboursville.

Barboursville's Philosophy

Barboursville's pourer

Barboursville Vineyards was founded to produce wines of the finest quality. Few regions throughout the world of wine offer soil characteristics, climate and growing conditions as auspicious for wine growing as those of Piedmont Virginia. This exciting and unique viticultural opportunity brought to Barboursville a team of professionals of outstanding passion and winegrowing experience from Virginia, Europe, and California. Their vital dedication, knowledge, and experiments in these vineyards led to successful adaptations to site specific circumstances, including the identification of ideal rootstocks, trellising systems, and grape clones. From the beginning, this commitment has been sustained by a tradition of taste and understanding of the character of each grape varietal.

It recalls the passion for a beautiful way of life.

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