July 31, 2008

What I'm reading today


Today's Bible Reading Isaiah 59-63

I'm also reading:
The Picture of Dorian Gray   Oscar Wilde
A Hedonist in the Cellar   Jay McInerney


Another quote from Lord Henry Wotton

I'm really enjoying The Picture of Dorian Gray. It is a captivating story—well-written and deeply involving. Lord Henry Wotton is a true modernist whose modernist philosophy is fully developed even though the book was written during the early days of Modernism. Here's another quote from Lord Henry Wotton:

I never approve, or disapprove, of anything now. It is an absurd attitude to take toward life. We are not sent into the world to air our moral prejudices. I never take any notice of what common people say, and I never interfere with what charming people do. If a personality fascinates me, whatever mode of expression that personality selects is absolutely delightful to me. Dorian Gray falls in love with a beautiful girl who acts Juliet, and proposes to marry her. Why not? If he wedded Messalina he would be none the less interesting. You know I am not a champion of marriage. The real drawback to marriage is that it makes one unselfish. And unselfish people are colorless. They lack individuality. Still, there are certain temperaments that marriage makes more complex. The retain their egotism, and add to it many other egos. They are forced to have more than one life. They become more highly organized, and to be highly organized is, I should fancy, the object of man's existence. Besides, every experience is of value, and, whatever one may say against marriage, it is certainly an experience. I hope that Dorian Gray will make this girl his wife, passionately adore her for six months, and then suddenly become fascinated by some one else. He would be a wonderful study.

Go out and get this book and find out why Lord Henry says such things. At my current point in the book he is heavily oppressing Dorian Gray's mind and mental state and has made Dorian greatly fearful of growing older.

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