July 27, 2008

What if...?

In the movie "Back to the Future," Doc Brown explained to Marty that they had created an alternate present by going into the past and changing things. This change in the past had skewed the course of history and their new present was not the present they had left when they went into the future.

Yeah ... that's confusing. But still somehow this concept captured the daydreamer in me.

Yesterday we went into downtown Lynchburg so my son could play on the school bus at Amazement Square. It's a really cool conversion of a huge air conditioning unit into a school bus that the children can pretend they are driving. The body of the school bus is actually the air conditioning unit and the deafening roar of the air conditioner contributes to the realism of the school bus. Only the driver's portion of the school bus is accessible to the children and it has working blinkers, a horn, flashing school bus lights, and they can even work the door opener/closer. My son loves it.

But that has nothing to do with the photo here.

As Kim and I sat in the park bench outside the school bus waiting for our son to finish playing, I noticed the sign on this building across the street from the school bus. You can't read the sign in the photo but it says, "Lofts Available."

It made me think of how much I would have loved to own a loft like that when I was young and single and had time to explore my photography. In fact, I would still love to own a loft like that. And while I'm daydreaming ... now that I'm married to a fantastic photographer—I'd love to own a loft like that and convert it into a living area and a photography studio. And the bus is right across the street for my son to play at whenever the desire to drive a school bus arises.

Well ... I have to stop daydreaming now. It's time to get ready for church.

But it would be cool, wouldn't it? I wonder what parts of past history I'd have to change to make my present include one of those lofts.

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