July 30, 2008

Roger Rabbit Update

World's cutest bunny

Okay, this is not really an update. It's just an excuse to post another picture of our rabbit, Roger. This morning he was very active and social—spending most of the morning at the front of his cage where he could interact with the family.

He was running around all over the place, moving his bed and his blankets, eating hay, running around, drinking water, running around, stretching, running around, cleaning his ears, running around....

So I grabbed my camera and, as soon as I raised it to my eye, Roger stopped running and posed for me. Here he is, the world's cutest bunny.


  1. Nice picture. Have you allowed him to see himself in a mirror?

  2. We haven't done that yet. We probably should. I imagine it would be rather funny. He already knows he's good looking because we tell him all the time.

    When I was a kid, we had a cat that loved to sit at the screen door of our kitchen and watch what was happening outside. We took a picture of her doing that once. A year or so later we moved. Then many months later we projected the slides of these photos onto the wall. When we came across the photo of the cat looking out the door, she went over to the picture and looked at it carefully, tipping her head side to side and finally patted the picture with her paw a few times. It was very cute.

  3. Our oldest daughter, who has been away at college nearby for the past year, had a Guinea pig. I've been praying that it would stay alive all year until she got home, and sure enough, she's been home a couple weeks, and yesterday it expired. It was sad, but I knew she missed it while away at college, and we knew it probably wasn't going to live much longer than a few months -- it looked as though it was slowing down, although showed no signs of sickness.

    A few days ago she bought a new cage in order to take it to her new apartment where she will be living, and I said what if Blossom dies soon? She said she was aware Blossom probably wasn't going to live much longer, but that she would get a new Guinea pig when Blossom died.

    I'm glad we didn't have to move Blossom, since she was aging so rapidly and I'm glad she died where she was used to living.

    This was the best Guinea pig we've ever had, because it recognized us as its friends and providers of food, and it would whistle and squeak when we came in the room. As it was dying, and taking irregular gasps for breath, I stroked it, and finally said, "Blossom, it's OK to die, you go right on, you've been a good pet for us." Funny thing is after I said that there were no more gasping breaths. I think it heard my voice and relaxed, or something, and died.

    I knew it was aging a few weeks ago. I think it was about 6 and a half years old, which is a good old age for a Guinea pig, but it's still sad to watch a pet go. My husband was away so I dug over a foot down into the bush landscaping around our house where we buried it.

    My nine year old had no problem wanting to pick it up and carry it down and lay it in its grave. Funny peculiar, because my 19 year old, when our first Guinea pig died years ago, did not even want to see the body much less touch it, when she was about that age.

  4. That's so sad, Lynne. But I understand. We have had a few really good pets, but have never been able to keep them for any reasonable length of time because our son drove them all nuts. He's way too high energy for any animal, or any human, or any robot (you get the picture).

    So we've had Roger for longer than we've had any pet other than a couple frogs that lasted about a year each. But Roger has really become a part of our family. We've read that wild rabbits can live up to 12 years. I can't imagine having to deal with his death now (after about six months) and giving him another 11 years and then having to deal with his death would really be rough.


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