July 28, 2008

After-church picnic

Last night our church had its biweekly fellowhip picnic after the Sunday evening service. These picnics are a lot of fun and a great time to get to know some of the other families in the church. It's an especially good time to get to know some of the new families that I tend not to notice during the church services.

The picnics are held in our church's playground/picnic area, so while the adults are talking and eating the kids get to play with other kids their age on the playground equipment. The little girl in this photo is climbing the dinosaur slide backwards.

It's also a nice informal time for all of us to relax and just enjoy each other. So since Joe's wife Abigail had to work last night, he brought their dog Jackson to the picnic. David, who loves all animals, hung with Joe from that point on.

David, Jackson, and Joe

David loves these picnics. It has been great for David to be part of a church where the people actually enjoy each other and enjoy fellowshiping.

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