July 19, 2008

Blog Header - July 19, 2008

Yesterday I posted about a coffee shop in Arlington, Virginia. So today I have decided to post the a header that is a photo of an espresso machine. What can I say? I love good coffee.


  1. me too. I love these graphics...makes me want a good cup now! (why doesn't it taste as good at home?)

  2. Lin - It doesn't taste as good at home as it does in the shops because most people don't have the right equipment at home. However (a little bragging is in order here), here is the espresso maker I am ordering for my home. It makes the most awesome espresso ever. Better even than the shops, once you learn how to do it right. I can't wait.

  3. I'm sure of it, Lynn. There just has to be.

    So - should I do a series on coffee? It might be a little less stressful than all this theology stuff.

  4. Sure, Richard, at least it wouldn't be the same old grind, you know?

  5. Same old grind ;-)

    I'm sure we'll be perky in heaven and not brewing over such trivial matters as we do in the blogosphere.

    Do you think the "star" in Starbucks is referring to the heavens? Hmmm. These are the things I need to ponder.

  6. Do you think the "star" in Starbucks is referring to the heavens?

    Ah, the allegorical method, eh?

    You're not standing on firm grounds with that method, my friend. Bean there, done that.

  7. Lynn - the simple fact that you understand my humor is worrisome. And then to join in - I'm laughing so much that I'm coffee-ing. And all those tea drinkers are going to roast one day. (Okay - perhaps I can't determine their salvation by their choice of beverage.)

  8. As long as the humor is fine, not coarse, we're OK.

    Otherwise we'd need to filter it out.

  9. Lynn - thanks. I needed this diversion today. If you're ever in Lynchburg, give me a holler. I'll make you a serious cup of coffee (or espresso or cappucino, if you prefer). I take a mug of specialty coffee to our church's pianist every Sunday morning. My wife calls her my "drinking buddy."

  10. I *love* the header!!!!! So cool! :)

  11. Thanks Molly - I am a complete coffee freak, so this is probably one of my most appropriate headers.

    I also like fine wine and have created a few headers featuring wine as well, but I'm a little bit afraid to use them because I know many people go nuts if they see a wine bottle.

    But we could start a whole new string of puns about vintage whining.

  12. But we could start a whole new string of puns about vintage whining.


    Richard, do we have to?

    Must we?

    I haven't had my cup of coffee for today. In fact, I'm still in my PJ's and I'm just not up for this yet!

  13. Personally, if I wine a little, I always feel better.

  14. I'm really tempted to say, "Put a cork in it" but I'm thinking that it might not be the most polite thing to do.

    Perhaps I should just simply let this wine bottle header ferment for a while so I don't get crushed by those who oppose such things.

  15. I appreciate the dry flavor to your humor, Richard.

    But as you can see, if we are JOKING (and we are) then we are clearly NOT sober.

  16. Okay - You've all convinced me. I'm going to put up one of the wine-related header photos soon (maybe this weekend).

    I guess in these days of UV radiation, blogging about wine is much better than going out in the sun and tannin. (Okay - that one was REALLY bad.)

  17. tannin

    No, that was a good one. We're all in concord about it, too.

  18. I now have to point out that Concord grapes make really bad wine. It was the wine that the original settlers and early founders or our nation tried to make and it tasted so bad that they actually threw away the first batch without even trying to drink it (after the first taste).

    I'm wondering now though why those who are so opposed to drinking wine are not in opposition to have concordances in their bibles.

    Things that make you go, "hmmm."


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