April 05, 2008

Spring is in the air

I took all of these photos yesterday. These flowers are among the many flowers that are blooming all around our house.

© Richard D. Gelina

C.H. Spurgeon
The Golden Key of Prayer

As spring scatters flowers, so supplication ensures mercies.

© Richard D. Gelina

C.H. Spurgeon
The Practice of Praise

Praise means this, that you and I are appointed to tell forth the goodness of God. Just as the birds of spring wake up before the sun and begin singing—and all of them singing with all their might—so become the choristers of God. Praise the Lord evermore, even as they do who, with songs and choral symphonies. Day and night, circle His throne rejoicing. This is your holy and privileged office.


© Richard D. Gelina

Martin Luther

A man who could make one rose . . . would be accounted most wonderful; yet God scatters countless such flowers around us! His gifts are so infinite that we do not see them.

Dorothy Parker — Flowers are heaven’s masterpieces.

© Richard D. Gelina

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