March 16, 2008

Blog Header - March 16, 2008

This week's photo is of our pastor's son. My wife is an award-winning preschool age portrait photographer. One of her favorite tricks is to blow bubbles to distract the young children from the bright lights and the somewhat uncomfortable experience of sitting in front of a stranger with no one nearby to hang onto.

My wife took some family portraits for our pastor's family and a few of those portraits were individual shots of their sons. When I saw this photo, I just had to adjust it for use with the worship lyric projection in our church. It just looks like this young man is praising God. I know he's just interacting with the bubbles, but I still loved the look of it. I widened the photo and painted the background over further to the left to create a place for the lyrics and then painted in extra bubbles for effect. Altogether a pretty cool photo. My wife is the best! And cute kids to photograph doesn't hurt the whole process either.

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