January 21, 2008

Sanctity of Life Week

January 22, 2008, marks the 35th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in the case of Roe v. Wade, that legalized abortion and created a new "consitutional right." I will be posting my thoughts about this issue for the next five days. I begin with the reason that I take this issue very personally—my son, the one who was saved from abortion.

Thirteen years ago a young woman went to a party and came home pregnant. She had already given birth to a girl and aborted another child. This pregnancy put her in a bad position with her parents who had told her that if she were to have another child she would have to move out of their house. This young lady was counseled by many people to have an abortion. The list of people encouraging her to kill her child included her parents (the child's grandparents), some of her teachers, and even her pastor.

Our prolife son at about 15 months old

Fortunately (providentially), she chose to carry the pregnancy to term and to give birth to ... my son.

About 12 and a half years ago, this young lady came to our house and discussed her options. We did not express an interest in adopting her child; we simply gave her the information she was looking for: who could she turn to to give her an option other than having another abortion. We put her in touch with the adoption agency we were in contact with regarding our desire to adopt a child.

My wife and I have been involved in the prolife cause for all of our married lives. We have attended rallies, participated in events, and even worked for non-profit prolife activism agencies. We offered our home to young women who may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy that had caused her to be thrown out of her house. We didn't know how to put our convictions into action. But God knew....

Twelve and a half years ago, my wife stood in the delivery room with our son's birth mother. At the doctor's direction, my wife cut the umbilical cord—a particularly moving and symbolic action. A few minutes later I was brought into the delivery room to meet my son for the first time.

Our son - Fall 2007

If not for the commitment to life that this birth mother showed, my wife and I would not have our wonderful son. We would not have experienced the many blessings that have come into our lives as a result of this boy who is growing to manhood in front of our eyes. And, as we have said many times to our son, we would still be a couple, had he not made us a family.

Praise God for those mothers who protect their children from the easy abortion that is made available to all in our society. Praise God for my son's birth mother. Praise God for my son, who made us a family.

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