January 24, 2008

Have we made any progress?

What the abortion statistics are saying: "Christians are winning!"
60% of Americans now believe abortion should be illegal in most cases.Coral Ridge Ministries poll, January 2005
72% of Americans now believe abortion to be wrong.Coral Ridge Ministries poll, January 2005
51% of the people in America now believe abortion to be murder – only 35% don’t.Zogby poll, Jan 2001
There has been a 13% increase in those identifying themselves as pro-life since 1995.Gallup Poll, August 2001
Teen pregnancy rates have declined in all 50 states.National "Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy" poll 2000
Teen pregnancy, birthrates, and abortions have declined each year since 1991.Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Support for Roe v. Wade has plummeted 13% among entering college freshmen since 1991.LA Times poll, June 2000
The number of medical schools teaching the abortion procedure has dropped 57% since 1987.American Medical Association (AMA)
The number of abortions performed in our nation dropped by 40 % between 1991 and 2001.Life Dynamics (LDI), January 2001
There were over 2,000 free standing abortion mills in 1990; today there are 726.LDI
Over 500 free standing abortion mills have closed in the past six years.Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI)
The number of abortionists killing children has declined almost 40% since 1991.LDI, 2001
Abortionists killing children are getting older (average age, 59). There are few young doctors to replace them because no one wants to be known as an abortionistAmerican Medical Association (AMA)
Many abortionists are losing their licenses as medical boards discover their incompetence and negligence.AMA
The callous abortion industry cover-up of the abortion/breast cancer link is being exposed.Dr. Joel Brind
The truth about hundreds of women who have died as a result of “safe,” legal abortion is being made known.Priests for Life
The employee turnover rate in abortion facilities is incredibly high.PPFA, LDI
Sexual perversion, alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, suicide, depression, and murder are ravaging those who work in the abortion industry.American Psychiatric Association (APA)
The animosity and distrust between abortionists and their staff creates a terrible work environment.Life Dynamics Inc.
Planned Parenthood, the leading provider of abortions in our nation, is losing ground.PPFA
In 1995 Planned Parenthood had 928 affiliates. In 1999 it had 845.PPFA Annual Report 1999
In 1995 PPFA had 21,000 employees. In 1999 it had less than 17,000 employees.PPFA Annual Report 1999
The number of yearly attendees at PPFA Sex Ed Programs has plummeted by 320,000 since 1991.PPFA Annual Report 1999
People involved in the abortion industry hate what they do, they hate each other, they hate themselves, and they hate those who confront them in their sin.APA, John 15:18-19
The humanity of the little child in the womb of his mother has become almost impossible to deny, thanks to science, technology, and the bold witness of gentle Christians who have stormed the gates of hell and shown the truth in the streets of their cities.
The three individuals most instrumental in ushering in the Roe v. Wade era are today, all professing, confessing, Christians – Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe), Sandra Cano (Mary Doe), and Dr. Bernard Nathanson (founder of NARAL).
What the Abortion Industry is Saying: “We are losing!”

  1. “A little more of this and doctors just won’t do abortions. Would you? (Abortionist Warren Hern, full page ad in Rocky Mountain News, July 23, 2005, referring to Operation Save America’s National Event in Denver, July 2005).
  2. “This is a crisis, it’s increasingly impossible for women to get a service (abortion) that’s absolutely legal.” (Melinda Dubois – US News and World Report, 1998)
  3. “Hate and harassment clearly inhibit women from access to abortion. It is more difficult now to get an abortion than it was five years ago.” (Gloria Feldt of PPFA, 1997)
  4. “Abortion opponents will achieve their goal without ever having to overturn Roe v. Wade.” (Kate Michelman of NARAL, 1997)
  5. “The number of abortions in this nation has dropped twenty-nine percent in the last six years.” (Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former U.S. Surgeon General, 1998)
  6. "The anti-abortionists are winning without really winning. They scare off the younger doctors." (James Pendergraft, Abortionist – The Associated Press, 1998)

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  1. I find it interesting that none of this will appear on the evening news. Our media has distorted reality on this issue for way too long.


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