December 30, 2007

Lynchburg Christmas

Downtown Lynchburg, Christmas '07
Downtown Lynchburg, December 2007

Last week I posted a few pictures of Washington, D.C., with the Christmas decorations brightening the early morning streets [Read that post.] Today my son and I were walking the streets of our hometown, Lynchburg, Va. I thought it would be nice to post a photo of this altogether different city with one of its Christmas decorations. My family really loves Lynchburg. It is a beautiful city with true depth of character. And the city is made more beautiful by the delightful people who live there. I'd invite you to visit, but I know that you would do the same thing we did once we visited—you'd pack up your family and move there. And eventually it would be just like Washington, D.C.—overcrowded.

But seriously, if you get the chance to visit Lynchburg, do so. You'll thoroughly enjoy it.

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