October 10, 2006

Calvinists and Baptists Debate - Cancelled by Liberty

The debate we have all been so excited about has finally died a whimpering death. The Caners reneged on their negotiated agreements with James White/Tom Ascol and, along with Brett O'Donnell, have unilaterally decided on changes to the format—including that the Caner side of the debate be given both the opening and closing statements of the debate. This, of course, is totally unacceptable to anyone in any debate, and therefore was rejected by James White and Tom Ascol.

Of course, Ergun Caner is now lying about what has taken place and is claiming that James White has backed out of the debate. In his typical ungracious style, Dr. Caner has announced his misrepresentation of the facts with an ad hominem attack.

More information regarding this debacle may be found on the web site from my church announcing the fact that our planned engagement with James White will have to be postponed due to Liberty's inexcusable behavior. Read it here.

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